Sales & Leasing Information

We are glad to see you are interested in living at within the San Marco Community. We have an application process for purchase & leases.

Please see the information below and CLICK HERE (January 2022) for our application packet.

Application for Approval of Purchase/Lease San Marco Homeowners Association, Inc.

  1. This document and the attached application for occupancy must be completed in detail by the proposed If there are two or more unrelated people applying, then each person must complete an application for occupancy and each must sign where required on all other pages.
  2. If any questions are not answered or left blank, this application will be returned, not processed and not approved.
  3. Maintenance assessments must be current up to the time of purchase.
  4. Please attach a non-refundable check for a processing fee of $250.00 made payable to San Marco Homeowners Association, Inc.
  5. Please attach a copy of the sales contract.
  6. The completed application must be returned to the association office in the clubhouse, 30 days prior to sale date.
  7. The owner must provide buyer with a copy of the San Marco documents and policies.
  8. No commercial vehicles, trucks, pick up trucks, boat trailers, motor homes, RVs, etc. are permitted on the premises, without the approval of the board.
  9. Signed background check authorization
  10. One (1) of the intended permanent occupants must be fifty-five (55) or older, no children under the age of nineteen (19) years of age, two (2) pets less than twenty­ five (25) pounds or (1) pet less than thirty-five (35).
  11. No subleasing at any time.
  12. New owner cannot lease or rent their said home for one year from date of closing.

Please submit application to:
San Marco HOA
7251 Lugano Dr
Boynton Beach, FL 33467